The Hidden Cost of your ‘Free’ Email Account

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As more paid secure email services become available to businesses and individuals, it is human nature to ask…

‘Why should I pay when I already have an email for free?’

If you’ve had this thought, you’re not alone. Not only is this a valid question, but it’s one that has been asked time and time again.

So that is what we are going to address in this post.

Your free email isn’t actually free!

You won’t be the only person who read that and thought, ‘But I don’t pay any money for my email, so it is in fact free‘.

We are not purposely trying to be controversial with that statement. It is true. To prove that, let’s look at the word ‘free’ and how it is defined.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines free as ‘costing nothing, or not needing to be paid for’. You’ll note in the definition there is no mention of money or any specific form of payment.

The word free has become so intrinsically linked to money, that whenever we come across it, money is instantly our second thought.

However, the belief that money is the only form of payment is wrong. There are plenty of things that are paid for with something other than money. Think of all the things that cost nothing monetarily, but you pay for with your time, love, effort, for example.

Now you can see that not everything that costs requires money to be paid. Let’s go back now to the statement we made before; your free email isn’t actually free!

So, if you’re not paying for your email with money, what are you paying with?

Your personal data.

At first glance, the importance of that might go amiss. But the importance of your personal data shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your personal data is more far more precious than money!

Your personal information paints a picture of not only who you are but why you are who you are. What you think, your values and belief systems, habits and behaviours, hopes and aspirations, even your most intimate secrets – can all be gleaned from your personal information. This picture or profile of who you are can be and often is, used to influence your future behaviours and decisions. It is your digital fingerprint.

It seems there is a new story in the news of a privacy scandal or data breach every week. The subject of these breaches almost always seems to be people’s personal data. From the EasyJet hack that exposed approximately 9 million customers’ data to the curious case of Cambridge Analytica’s collection of millions of Facebook user’s personal data, we see how personal data is targeted and exploited.

But why personal data? And maybe, more importantly, why your personal data?

Personal data is big business. And it pays handsomely for those that control it!

The collection, sale and use of your personal data or digital fingerprint, is the source of profit for a growing number of businesses. Whether it be, targeted ads to influence your buying decisions or interference in election results, there are massive consequences for the misuse of personal data.

Truth is your data is valuable, not only to you but to those that would seek to profit from you. The digital transformation continues to take hold in all aspects of modern life. Our presence online increases as the control and ownership of our personal data decreases.

This loss of control over our personal data, manipulation of our decisions, interference in democratic process and erosion of privacy, are the true costs of ‘free’ email.

Privacy is not free – but that’s a good thing!

The fight to regain control, ownership and privacy of personal data in a heavily exploited modern world comes at a cost. To both, the providers of alternatives to the ‘free’ email, we are all so accustomed to, and to the individuals and businesses that use these services.

The providers of private email services invest money to build, maintain and continually improve, a robust and secure infrastructure capable of maintaining the privacy and security of its users.

These services are provided to their users at cost. How much it costs will vary for each provider depending on their business objectives. So it’s worth finding out more about a providers ethos and objectives before committing to their service.

Think of it like this; you decide that you (your data) are valuable and worth protecting while your outside (online). So, you choose to hire a bodyguard (private email service) to keep you (your data) protected. The bodyguard (private email service) has invested in training (secure infrastructure) to make sure they can take care of you (your data). To provide this service, they charge you a fee. As long as you feel you can trust the bodyguard (private email service), then you are happy to pay the fee to protect yourself (your data).

How does StayPrivate help?

We don’t sell or exploit your information ever. Period.

There are no ads in your mailbox and no scanning of your communication for information to build a digital fingerprint of who you are.

Your data is yours and yours only! You have ownership and privacy of the information you communicate when using StayPrivate.

We have a company motto of privacy over profits. That’s why we only make money if you decide to upgrade. Our business model is one of mutual benefit. Our financial goals are aligned with your needs. Because of this, its easy to always do what is right by our users to protect their privacy. You pay us to protect your personal data, and we are incentivised not to betray this trust.

The Internet on your terms

More than a catchy tagline. It is our vision. Where we, the users, control how and where our data is used. And we are starting with online communication.

We are changing the online narrative. Creating a better internet. A more private, secure, fair internet. Where the balance of power is distributed evenly, and everyone has control of their data, their digital identity, their story. One email at a time.

We believe you should not have to surrender your human right to privacy to enjoy the benefits of online. We want to make this a reality.

It is only together that we can achieve this. With every new StayPrivate user, every email sent securely using the system; we inch closer to a more private, secure, fair internet — an Internet on your terms.

Best Regards,
StayPrivate Team

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