Why Trust StayPrivate?

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When it comes to your information and privacy, the question of Trust is one of the most important for us to answer.

And while there are many interpretations on what makes a company ‘trustworthy’. We believe that ultimately the question of trust should first be answered by looking at the people – even when it comes to software.

From that perspective, here are just a few things you should know about us…


You cannot have trust without transparency. In life and in business, we know this means ensuring information is readily available and communicated clearly. There can be no hidden agendas behind why we do what we do.

It is important to know who we are, and that goes beyond simply knowing our company background and mission (you can read more about that here). You want to know the people behind the brand. Because of this, our employee information and their backgrounds are all public knowledge. Our offices, our company status and even our directors, are all a matter of public record.

It’s not enough to stop there. Transparency must extend to communication.

A major aspect in building trust is being confident you aren’t being misled. This is why we are focused on being just as clear about the things our product doesn’t do, as what it does.

And of course, we can have a discussion about trust, privacy and communication without mention of our published privacy policy.


StayPrivate has been successful in providing secure communication for businesses in all sectors. Serving 1000s of businesses to protect millions of emails since 2014.

As the way people communicate continues to change, we too continue to listen, grow, and evolve, to ensure we always support our users as their needs change.

Our experience is one of the reasons people choose StayPrivate to communicate, organise, and share their sensitive information.

Over 150,000 users trust StayPrivate to secure their information and protect their privacy. We know what we are doing when it comes to private and secure communication.

Technical Competence & Support:

We are serious about protecting you and your information.

Point-to-point encryption, dynamically generated keys that ensure (unlike end-to-end encryption) your data is protected even if you lose your password or PIN, military-grade encryption algorithms. These are only a few of the security measures we use to ensure your information is kept secure and private.

You can read more about our security measures here.

Even with our many security measures and protocols, we know this means nothing without a support mechanism to back it up. That is why we pride ourselves on providing world-class support. When you need support, our team is on hand to assist and provide timely, honest support that is personable by nature.

We are diligent in staying connected and communicating important updates to our StayPrivate community, across all platforms.

Compliance, 3rd party vetting and accreditations:

Transparency, experience, and competence are the foundation for trust. But you don’t have to take just our word for it. We routinely subject our work to external security audits and peer review.

We are serious about data security. That is why ISO27001 and Cyber Essential Plus are just some of the accreditation’s we hold.

Our StayPrivate solution complies with all the major data protection regulations. This includes GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and other regulations. This legal accountability keeps us honest, ensuring we keep to our privacy policy and other regulatory guidelines.

With StayPrivate, your data is yours and yours alone.

Our commitment/mission:

We have a vision. A vision of the ‘Internet on your terms’. Where we, the users, control how and where our data is used. Starting with online communication.

It’s simple. Privacy is a basic human right; YOUR human right, and we are committed to helping everyone regain control of this right. This principle is the driving force behind all that we do – it’s our mission.

We care deeply about our users and our mission. Privacy and security are at the core of our beliefs, they come before all else – including profits!

With StayPrivate, there are no tricks or hidden agendas, just a simple way to communicate the things that matter most to you in a private, simple, secure way.

Best Regards,
StayPrivate Team

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